Look at The Glamorous Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi VettelGlitz, glamour, prestige, the essence of good sporting – these are phrases that best describe Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which is one of the latest entrants into the Formula One calendar. Already it is being cited in the same class as the Monte Carlo streets of Monaco and this highlights just how magnificent this circuit has grown to be.

Moments and Things that Make Abu Dhabi GP Spectacular

However much organizers hype a particular track, the only thing fans are interested in is what happens there. Yas Marin is only 6 years old yet it has produced some unforgettable moments that make racing enthusiasts flock to this great city. Here is a look at those spectacular moments:

# Sport meets glamour:

To say that Abu Dhabi is glamorous is actually an understatement. It is one of the most popular places to visit on earth. The glamour in the sun coupled with modernistic architectural marvels makes this an ideal location to vacation and guess what, you can still have some sporting action as you savor the city.

# The exquisite Yas Marina Circuit:

Designed by one of the modern times greats, Hermann Tilke, it has drawn admiration from fans all over the globe. It is just 30 minutes from the capital and it has 21 corners making it one of the trickiest tracks on the  scene. The drivers were enthusiastic about the track with Rosberg stating every corner is unique, making racing interesting.


# The first twilight race:

Abu Dhabi by night is even more fun than during the day. It is no wonder then that the race action is at night. The 5.554km circuit is flooded by special lights and as a fan you will always remember the ethereal atmosphere created by these lights and zooming cars.

# Inaugural formula one action:

They say first impressions have a lasting impact and it seems the great racing by Hamilton who later retired won the hearts of many. Sebastian Vettel of Redbull went ahead to win the inaugural race.

# The 2010 showdown of the great four:

For any Formula 1 enthusiast, Alonso, Vettel, Webber and Hamilton represent the crème of modern day racing. Well, they all had the chance to become champions in 2010. Alonso was ahead of Webber and Vettel while Lewis was further back. Alonso was to lose the race to Vettel making this one of the most memorable last day showdowns.

# The youngest champion in F1 is born in 2010:

When Sebastian Vettel won the 2010 Abu Dhabi GP, you could feel a sense of greatness in the champion. Though he was trailing Alonso by 15 points, Vettel fought hard to win at the last race to become the youngest champion in F1 history.

# Vitantonio Liuzzi perches on Schumacher’s Ferrari, 2010:

If you watched the action on the track, the images look ghastly when Liuzzi‘s Force India landed on Schumacher’s already stricken Mercedes. Luckily, there were no injuries.

# The legendary ‘Leave me alone!’ comment by Raikkonen, 2012:

When a driver is on the track all he needs is concentration, and engineers can be as pesky as mosquitoes. When Kimi told off engineers on radio that he knew what he was doing it might have seemed a bit rude but guess what? The no-nonsense driver went on to win at Abu Dhabi to record a significant first victory since returning to racing.

# Vettel and his set of smoky pirouettes, 2013:

Like him or hate him, Vettel is always full of drama. After winning at Yas Marina in 2013 he wowed fans with a jubilant display of pirouettes earning him a fine.

# Hamilton’s moments, 2011 and 2014:

If you are an avid Grand Prix fan then you remember the emotional Hamilton who was mobbed by mechanics after winning in 2011. Well, he was later to prove it was no fluke in 2014 by winning at Abu Dhabi and getting a double kiss from his mum and girlfriend.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is bound to give you memorable moments.  You just have to make sure you are there to witness them.

5 facts about Grand prix Racing you need to know


Grand prix Racing evolved from an organized auto racing in France all the way back in 1894. This simple race quickly turned into a race from one town to another, and led to endurance test races. Innovations in this field led to new records in speed; however, there were a lot of accidents, because the races were held on open roads. However, this is only a short history of Grand Prix Racing, and there are a lot of interesting facts about these Races. It was difficult to pick only 5 of them; however, we managed to do so eventually. So, here are the 5 facts you need to know about Grand Prix Racing.

#1 It is over 120 years old

The first motoring contest of this kind was held on July 22, 1894, and was organized by a Paris-based newspaper Le Petit Journal. This race was 126 km long, and it stretched from Paris to Rouen. The first contestant to enter Rouen was count Jules-Albert de Dion, who managed to do so after 6 hours and 48 minutes of racing.

#2 Races were held on public roads

At that time there were no purpose-built private tracks, so races were held on open public roads. As the contestants were charging with huge speed, there were many accidents and many fatalities, both among the drivers and among the spectators by the side of the road.

#3 First Non-French Grand Prix

The first non-French Grand Prix was held in 1908, and it was held in Savannah, in the United States of America. Later, many other countries hosted Grand Prix races, including Italy, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, etc. It has to be noted that this was still not a formal championship; it was just a loose collection of races with various rules.

#4 First timed qualifying

The year of 1933 was a huge milestone in Grand Prix Racing history, as that year was marked by a change of rules – tmike_hawthorn__1956_british_gp__by_f1_history-d5d2tethe grid was determined by timed qualifying, and not by the luck of the draw. This happened at the 1933 Monaco Grand Prix, and all competing vehicles were painted in the color of their country: French vehicles were blues, British vehicles were green, Italian ones were red, German vehicles were white, while the vehicles from Belgium were painted yellow.

#5 Grand prix Races during World War II

Most people don’t know that the Grand prix Races were indeed held during the World War II. However, these events were limited to a small number of events. Most of the races from 1940-1942 were run in South America, especially in Argentina and Brazil, while there were no races held in 1943 and 1944. Shortly after the end of the war, in 1945, the first post-war Grand Prix was held in Paris, the capital of France.