Which Racing Great Could Clinch Monaco Grand Prix 2017?

The Formula One season is just around the corner and after a few months without action, it is obvious every F1 enthusiast is looking forward to another thrilling year. For most Formula One fans, there are those races that matter most and one of these is Monaco GP.

Since 1929, when William Grover-Williams won the inaugural race, this has remained almost a mythical race where every driver wants to win. With the Monaco Grand Prix 2017 set for Thursday, May 25th to Sunday 28th, it is important to have a look at the close relationship this street race has with the championship.

The Kiln of F1 Champions

There is a subtle reason most drivers want to win here and it is simply because this is the slowest yet the most difficult race to win. If you manage to win in Monaco, it is a pointer that you are a champion in the making. If you don’t believe this, just take a look at past racers who have managed to hold on and see the checkered flag first.

These big names range from Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Mark Webber, Juan Fangio, Nico Rosberg, Stirling Moss, Graham Hill, Michael Schumacher and Alain Prost to Jackie Stewart. A closer look at most of these names will show you that these drivers went on to win the championship that year or in later years. From Fangio, Hill, Rosberg, Hamilton, Niki Lauda, Prost, Schumacher, Senna to Alonso, it seems Monaco is the kiln that molds future champions.

What to Expect in Monaco Grand Prix 2017

Well, a lot has come to pass since Hamilton drove excellently to win the 2016 Monaco GP. Nico Rosberg, his closest rival, and the reigning champion, has pulled a fast one on everyone and retired.  Valtteri Bottas, the calmest driver in F1, has shifted gear to Mercedes from Williams and it will be interesting to see what these two drivers will give the fans in 2017.

Back to the Monaco Grand Prix 2017, it is obvious most fans will be looking forward to a thrilling race as usual and of course, everyone hopes it will rain to make the action even more delightful.  Why not take a casual look at those drivers who have a decent chance of winning this classical race. After all, we might just guess who will win the 2017 F1 title.

Here you go:

1.     Lewis Hamilton

In 2007, the world witnessed the entry of a new kind of driver only comparable to Ayrton Senna; daring, bold and young. The daredevil that is Hamilton was set to upstage even the biggest names such as Alonso, his team mate. In 2008, Hamilton was unstoppable and after winning the Monaco GP, it was obvious this guy was going to pick the title.  A win has been elusive since then for Hamilton until 2016 and though the Brit didn’t go in to win the title, it was clear who the better driver between Nico and Hamilton was. This year, Hamilton has what looks like a more favorable chance to add to his wins in Monaco, probably with an aim to match Senna’s six wins.

2.     Max Verstappen

If there is one driver who courted controversy over the 2016 F1 season, it has to be Max, the Dutch who is as daring as they come. Consider that he joined Formula One aged 17 years before even attaining his driving license. Well, Toro Rosso took a dive into the known and the bet paid handsomely. When he was promoted to the main car at Red Bull, Max amazed everyone by winning the Spanish Grand Prix.

At Monaco, he was unlucky to have an accident but Max is a valid contender for a win at the Monaco Grand Prix 2017.  Obviously, the Dutch driver is a future champion in the making and with the strides, Red Bull has made, don’t be surprised if he wins the title this year.

3.     Daniel Ricciardo

Forget the memorable drinks from his shoes because the ever-smiling Australian is one of the most talented and consistent drivers in F1 today. He is young and aggressive and guess what? He qualified on pole and went on to finish second behind Hamilton. Were it not for the Red Bull crew that messed Ricciardo, he might have won at Monaco and so he is a good contender this year.

4.     Sebastian Vettel

There is no denying that Vettel is one of the most underrated F1 drivers today. Well, it hasn’t helped much that his performances in the last two years, since the cars went aerodynamic, have been wanting. The German is not happy for sure because he probably had expected Ferrari to give him a car as good as the Red bull that helped him win 4 titles. As a one-time winner on Monaco Vettel cannot be wished away.

Can any other driver really upset these four? Bottas has a new ride and might spice things up but he still has lots to learn in that car. So, make sure your calendar is free from Thursday, May 25th to Sunday 28th as we see another champion in the making at Monaco Grand Prix 2017.